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A weight balancing system is more of a marketing ploy than an imperative. And the real need is the release of an interchangeable lens for this model.

Logitech would definitely want to keep these aspects in mind when designing a new model for this generation, and it is a bit disappointing to see why they would not comprehend such a need for gamers. Although you are definitely going to fall in love with how easy it is to use this piece of technology.

It will also help to configure the assignment of mouse keys, assign sequences and combinations of commands to them, determine the time intervals between commands, etc. Therefore, such devices are especially appreciated, where it is possible to adjust the resolution of the sensor. But in strategies, especially in MOBA, this indicator should be higher – so here you yourself have to decide which games to take the mouse for. Moreover, in fast shooters, it is more accurate to aim when the resolution of the sensor does not exceed 1800 dpi. Modern laser sensors, which are the “heart” of any mouse, can work on almost any surface, even uneven, and in most situations, they behave faster and more accurately.

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The FinalMouse Air58 allows you to plug in and start playing simply. It does not even have software to install, so you are ready to go. However, once you are using it, you will find its cable the most annoying thing in the world. Even with a cable-bungee, the wire gets tangled and stuck here and there, which would affect navigation. On the other hand, the built quality and material is not so good. Backlight diodes do not correctly produce white and yellow light. The Logitech Gaming Software that was used with older hardware was fantastic Skype.

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I used a g602 and had to replace it so I went with the updated g604. The mouse itself is fine, feels like an improvement in terms of construction, battery life, feel, etc. Now, after few restart, now the ghub does not show the panel for dpi setup. And when you click the upper right gear icon for settings to goto onboard memory page, the screen becomes black, forever. then, i waited for a few min, still flashing, then i quit ghub.

Three interchangeable side plates with 2, 7 and 12 button configurations. It is difficult to estimate the size and shape of the mouse due to the closed packaging. Replacing the sensor from the Pixart PMW 3360 to TrueMove 3 did not significantly change the feel of using the pointing device. It is bad that both cables, as they were, remained very rigid and require a holder for comfortable use. Unfortunately, the amount of internal memory is not indicated anywhere – neither in the manufacturer’s specifications nor in the settings of the device itself. The cursor positioning always occurred accurately, acceleration, inertia, inertia, disruptions, or jitter were never seen. In short, the Logitech G502 Proteus Core fully met its expectations and is one of the best mice for gamers.

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On the one hand, a heavier mouse allows you to aim more accurately, and on the other hand, in this case, the speed of movement decreases. An ordinary plastic surface is not protected against slipping fingers. In any case, it is precisely those mice made under the left or right hand that is more convenient and ergonomic than the symmetrical models that are most on the market today. And it is unlikely that gamers will fit too small, miniature mouse. The presence of additional keys is especially suitable for lovers of strategies and online RPGs – they allow you to tap without touching the keyboard on “hotkeys quickly”. In addition, if there is a controlled backlight, you can programmatically change the colors and the glow mode, which will change depending on the game and which certain actions in it.

The replacement of your mouse only depends on your experience. The views are a great way to actually learn about the product besides from the details you will read elsewhere.

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