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Job Application For Solutions Architect At Cleardata

Solution architecture is a practice of designing, describing, and managing the solution engineering in relation to specific business problems. Solutions web development consultants Architecture is a recognized name among our peers and clients alike. We pride ourselves on providing an unparalleled level of service and attention.

Next, the proposal for a business improvement has to be submitted together with the work package that shows the candidate’s practical skills in applying the ITIL principles in real-world business cases. After that, the applicants will have to successfully pass an interview with an assessment panel where they will be questioned on their experience. Each of these terms includes multiple aspects that we’ll discuss in the article. If you want to catch all details quickly, check out our video about a solution architect role. A solution architect is the person in charge of leading the practice and introducing the overall technical vision for a particular solution.

What Is A Solution Architect?

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client solution architects

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Career Advancement

For many developers perhaps the most sought after role is the role of the solution architect. Solution architects build and integrate information and computer systems that meet specific needs. This typically involves integrating the software offshore application development and hardware that will best meet the purpose defined by a customer. They also examine the current systems architecture, and work with business and technical staff to recommend solutions that result in more effective systems.

Our community of registered financial advisors are standing by to share their experience. Plan Details Relevant details about the plan and the plan sponsor, including the address and industry of the plan sponsor and the size of the plan in assets and participants. Client Solution Architects, LLC 401k Plan is a defined contribution plan with a profit-sharing component and 401k feature. This plan is in the top 15% of plans for Company Generosity, Salary Deferral, and Total Plan Cost.

Job Trends

It’s not an ordinary task requiring technology assessment and comparison. Unlike the solution architect, the software architect typically doesn’t deal with financial and organizational issues. This person focuses on all the aspects related to software engineering on a particular project, i.e., development, implementation, maintenance, support, and evolution. Software architects closely collaborate with development teams and control the entire development process. So, continuing the previous example, the software architect determines what exactly has to be done and how the result can be maintained. A solutions architect is responsible for evaluating an organization’s business needs and determining how IT can support those needs leveraging software, hardware, or infrastructure. Aligning IT strategy with business goals has become paramount, and a solutions architect can help determine, develop, and improve technical solutions in support of business goals.

The architects at Solutions provide construction management services, providing weekly updates as construction progresses. They establish positive working relationships with the contractors. Some of the projects that Solutions has designed client solution architects and managed for the district were ROD grants. They have been very helpful in maneuvering through the ROD grant administrative process. No matter what request we make of Solutions, either in project scope or deadlines, they meet our needs.


Finding the best tech solution among all possible to solve the existing business problems. Forty-nine percent of the companies surveyed by Planview have seen a project fail in the past 12 months, according to the results of the 2017 Project and Portfolio Management Landscape summary. Construction projects are generally a librarian’s worse nightmare, but having had the good fortune to work with Frank Messineo, and his team at Solutions Architecture, the bad dreams never came to pass.

client solution architects

Demonstrate understanding of various technologies, and their application in markets. architects and other key stakeholders while effectively communicating the ClearDATA value and differentiation. We are looking for people that are always learning and are passionate about driving results with their customers. passionate about creating a new category of technology that will fundamentally make healthcare better, come join our team. In terms of organization structure, would you think Solution Architecture team should be under Enterprise Architecture or as a standalone unit in par with Enterprise Architecture?

Plan Service Providers

For more senior roles, you may need more experience or education, including a master’s degree. Depending on the role, you might also need experience in specific IT areas, such as networking administration, development, customer service, or other relevant areas. Serves government and commercial clients with strategic guidance and operational consulting. Its areas of core competency include hire wordpress freelancer integrated logistics and supply chain, information technology and business improvement and analytics. Remote job for candidate who will provide technical expertise in multilevel systems security, and design, develop, engineer and implement solutions to multilevel security requirements. A software or technical architect is mainly in charge of engineering problems and software architecture.

  • Enterprise architecture defines strategic directions of the business architecture, which then leads to an understanding of what technology facilities are needed to support that architecture.
  • Our work encompasses everything from capital and maintenance projects to additions and renovations as well as newly constructed buildings.
  • TheAWS Certified Solutions Architect program offers certifications at associate and professional levels, depending on your experience.
  • Most of the certification platforms, besides the exam itself, offer training courses, learning materials, and practice tests.
  • Profile provided is for jobseeker informational purposes only based on independent research completed by Virtual Vocations staff.
  • There are a lot of different practices associated with platforms, programming languages, and tools.
  • Maintains and enhances user interface of existing web applications, web pages and web components.

Work with business units to develop IT strategies and to improve current IT implementations. This summary profile is not an official statement or endorsed by the company above. Profile provided is for jobseeker informational purposes only based on independent research completed by Virtual Vocations staff.

Similar to other types of systems or computer network architects, solutions architects work full time, with the occasional required overtime. Very little physical activity is associated with this career, but it may involve meeting strict deadlines and performance standards. Must have 8+ years of related experience including project management experience and knowledge of best practices, (e.g., ITIL, PMI, and CMMI) plus DoD clearance.

A vital part of the solution architect’s competence is communication. Considering that this role entails negotiating with stakeholders, understanding the needs of all parties, managing risks, and product delivery, the lack of communication skills can create a real bottleneck. The position requires working closely with enterprise and software architects, business analysts, and project teams. So, an experienced solution architect should be able to listen, advise, empathize, and explain.

Professional Experience

Software configuration management was founded in 2003 and is headquartered in Fairfax, VA. I recently passed my AWS solutions architect exam and will shortly start a role as a Solutions Architect I have no proper Cloud experience. Prior to considering solution architecture, we recommend exploring enterprise architecture frameworks that combine both solution and enterprise levels. Professional Cloud Architect is the one for experts who use Google Cloud technologies in their solutions. For the second year in a row, it is the highest-paying IT certification, according to the survey by Global Knowledge.

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