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THIRD PARTY BILLING. Carrier does not employ property brokers or other intermediaries as its agents for the collection of freight charges. Carrier will invoice the Shipper’s broker, bank or other agent for freight charges. Carrier reserves the right to bill and collect freight charges from the Shipper on prepaid shipments or the consignee on collect shipments in the event full payment of freight charges is not received pursuant to third party billing.

  • I have just recently signed up for Bravo’s Mobile Pawn Advantage and this takes the game up to a whole new level.
  • Users can manage loans, inventory, layaway, and web sales with Bravo through its integrated interface.
  • Keeping track of the cash in your tills and safe is so easy.
  • All of our employees can write loans twice as fast now because of the estimator.
  • Our focus on clear data analysis guarantee’s that you will have reporting that provides industry-leading visibility into the major trends and aggregated health risks impacting your benefit plan.
  • Shipper shall be responsible for all per diem charges and M&R charges that are incurred through no fault of Carrier.

Even if an item was not purchased under their name, a quick ad/hoc search will allow for doing a quick and easy repawn. Perhaps the biggest con for me right now is the layaway feature. It is usable but still needs some work. My experience with support leads me to believe this issue will be corrected in the near future.

Ground Transportation

It makes pawning and pricing jewelry easy and consistent. Just enter the necessary information and bravo comes up with the price. Bravo makes eCommerce a breeze, with the integration with eBay and our branded website. Bravo is simple to use, and has so many features I can’t name them all.

Can I refuse to pay customs charges?

You will have to pay the return shipping charges. Abandon the package in customs. This is not recommended, and the package will likely be destroyed.

Carrier is not bound to transport a shipment by a particular schedule or in time for a particular market, but is responsible to transport a shipment with reasonable dispatch, as that term is defined at common law. Carrier shall not be responsible for special or consequential damages resulting from delayed delivery. INTEREST AND FEES ON PAST DUE ACCOUNTS. Carrier will assess one and one-half percent (1½ %) interest per month beginning on the 31st day after payment was due. In the event Carrier deems it necessary to retain the services of legal counsel to collect any outstanding indebtedness, Shipper shall pay attorneys’ fees, collection service fees and court filing fees in the amount of $500.00 or thirty-five percent (35%), whichever is greater. Failure of the consignor, consignee, or their respective agents and spotting service to note trailer damage at time of tender shall be prima facie evidence that same was spotted in good condition. Consignor and/or consignee shall be liable for the repair cost to any trailer damaged while spotted at their facility.

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At first, getting used to navigating and using the program. However, with patience, practice and seeking to understand the procedures, that is overcome in time and the benefits are well worth the effort. Entering new items for pawn sometimes takes longer, but the estimator makes it quicker with common items. Also, reloan of previously pawned items or items the customer purchased if entered under their name is very easy and fast.

Can a customs broker work from home?

Like many customs brokers and forwarders throughout the country, A Customs Brokerage has instituted a voluntary remote work policy for those employees who currently wish to work from home. Rodriguez said this flexibility has benefitted staff who are now faced with home childcare due to school closures.

To do a particular transaction in compupawn it takes 3 to 4 transactions just to get to that transaction. Yes the software has a lot features but what is the use if we do not know how to use it. Bravo Pawn Systems is a point-of-sale platform built specifically for pawnbrokers.

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With Bravo I may have an issue once or twice every six months and the Bravo techs get me going in a matter of minutes. Usually it is a driver issue with my computer. They really care about getting you up and running as fast as they can with minimal down time. And reliability, I have only had one time when Bravo was down for about an hour in 3 years and I believe that was due to severe weather where they are located, understandable. Bravo is so easy for new employees to learn. You just type in a make and model and 99% of the time it comes up in Bravo and you just have to put in a short description and check some pull down boxes and it figures the price for you.

Bravo is the BEST pawn software I have ever used. Tried several others and nothing compares. Does just about everything you need. The first few weeks, it was taking the employees twice as long to write a loan because we were still learning the software, NOW, we are all writing better loans and purchases, thanks to the estimator, and doing it twice as fast as we did with our other software. All of the employees at all of our locations picked up on Bravo with in a few days.


There is no way for public site visitors to differentiate the source of the review. Do service providers see information and reviews put in the site by your users? Service providers cannot see the information put in by Shortlister’s consultant and employer users.

The LM-100J was designed to meet the varying needs of the Brazilian landscape, in turn, allowing Bravo to deliver vital goods and services where they are needed most.” Founded in 2008, Bravo is a national provider of employee well-being solutions that empower personal progress, reduce preventable health risks and reduce the long-term claims trend. Our focus on clear data analysis guarantee’s that you will have reporting that provides industry-leading visibility into the major trends and aggregated health risks impacting your benefit plan.

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MEXICAN SHIPMENTS. Carrier does not accept liability for loss or damage to shipments under transport in the Republic of Mexico. Shippers are advised that liability for cargo loss in the Republic of Mexico differs from U.S. law (49 U.S.C. 14706) and the special arrangements with the Mexican carrier participating in any transborder movement is not the Carrier’s responsibility. Carrier assumes no cargo loss responsibility for shortage or damage to shipments while in the Republic of Mexico. Clear bills of lading showing safe and damage-free delivery between the U.S./Mexican borders at the pickup or delivery points in the U.S. shall be evidence of Carrier’s proper discharge of its cargo responsibility. COLLECTION AND PAYMENT OF CHARGES. Payment will be due upon receipt of invoice. In consideration for transportation services performed by Carrier for the mutual benefit of the Shipper and consignee under the terms and conditions set out herein, both Shipper and consignee shall assume joint and several liability for all freight charges accrued with regard to such transportation.

In the event that Shipper or its agents “short pay” freight charges or deduct charges from freight bills without Carrier’s authorization to do so in writing, prior to the deduction, Shipper and its agents waive their right to any contested cargo claim that is set-off against freight charges. Versions of the Shortlister app are available for employers and benefits consultants to access detailed information on service providers and issue RFPs. Anyone can access the basic vendor data listed on the Shortlister public site, free of charge.

This home has a nearly brand new roof, tankless water heater, and central air system. Also includes a full irrigation sprinkler system, and electronic security system! Also has a flex room that Using Trailing Stop Loss Orders can be an office or a 4th bedroom. Conveniently located right around the corner from all the amenities and restaurants of the 410/Marbach area, and in the highly desirable Northside ISD.

In no event shall accounts receivable pledge or encumber by any intermediary be inclusive of freight charges billed by it to the extent those freight charges are due and owing to Carrier. Carrier preserves recourse for payment of all freight charges to the consignor, unless Section 7 of the STBOL is signed, and to the consignee unless Bravo Customs Broker Services prior notice is given that the consignee is not to be responsible for freight charges in accordance with to Section 7 of the STBOL. DISPOSITION OF CONTESTED CARGO CLAIMS. Unless the parties agree to voluntary alternative dispute resolution, disputed claims will be subject to 49 U.S.C. § subject to any applicable released evaluation.

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Such damage shall be noted by carrier personnel at time of pickup and invoices for repairs shall be accompanied by supporting documents. DETENTION-VEHICLES WITHOUT POWER UNITS. Time shall commence with the spotting of the trailer and shall end when carrier is notified by the shipper or consignee that the trailer is available for removal from the premises of the shipper or consignee. If a trailer is both unloaded and reloaded, an additional two hours free time shall be allowed. Bravo Customs Broker Services provides customs clearance and freight forwarding services. It specializes in all types of ground, ocean and airfreight movements, including rail transportation. Various services offered by the company include customs brokerage, warehousing, distribution, documentation, shipments and tracking online, and loading and unloading facilities.

Intermediary will pay Carrier without offset from funds received and shall not commingle, pledge, encumber or hypothecate funds received by it intended for payment of freight charges to Carrier. Shipper shall be responsible for all per diem charges and M&R charges that are incurred through no fault of Carrier. Carrier will bill customer for all such charges plus an additional administrative charge of 10%, and customer shall pay all valid charges without delay or protest.


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